Sir John Tenniel Bith Anniversary, Book, Quotes: Google Updated his Doodle


Today we are going to share information about Sir John Tenniel on his 200th birth anniversary like when was John Tenniel? what are the quotes of Tenniel? what is the name of his popular ats, painting, and books? what is today’s Google Doodle?

Google Doodle John Tenniel birth anniversary: New Delhi: Today is the 200th birth anniversary of famous English illustrator, graphic humorist, and political cartoonist Sir John Tenniel. Google also updated its doodle for his birthday. Google created a dedicated doodle for Sir John Tenniel.

Today’s Google Doodle-John Tenniel


Today’s Google Doodle celebrates illustrator and satirical artist Sir John Tenniel’s 200th birth anniversary. John Tenniel Born in London, England on February 28, 1820, he was knighted for his artistic achievements in 1893. At the age of 20, Tenniel loses sight in his right eye due to an accident.

The Early Life & Career of Sir John Tenniel

Sir John Tenniel Started his career as a classical sculpture through painting. He studied at the Royal Academy schools and he sent his first picture to the exhibition of the Society of British Artists, in 1836. Later, he contributed a 16-foot cartoon to a design competition for the mural decoration of the new Palace of Westminster.

John Tenniel Book

Sir Tenniel’s first book was “The Book of British Ballads“. While engaged with his first book illustrations, various contests were taking place in London, as a way in which the government could combat the growing Germanic Nazarenes style and promote a truly National English school of art. This information is taken from John Tenniel’s Wikipedia

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John Tenniel Cartoon

Sir John Tenniel planned to enter the 1845 House of Lords competition amongst artists to win the opportunity to design the mural decoration of the New Palace of Westminster. Despite missing the deadline, he submitted a 16-foot (4.9 m) cartoon. For this, he received a £200 premium and a commission to paint a fresco in the Upper Waiting Hall in the House of Lords.

Video Credit: Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

Google Doodle John Tenniel’s birth anniversary: John Tenniel’s cartoons secured his fame, but it was his illustrations for “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” made him a household name. Tenniel was introduced to Mr. Carroll in 1864 when he agreed to create 42 illustrations. The creative partnership continued with “Through the Looking Glass”.

Sir John Tenniel Popular Arts and Painting Photo


John Tenniel Famous Quotes

“I carry out my work thus: I never use models or nature for the figure, drapery or anything else.” ~ Sir John Tenniel.

Sir John Tenniel.

“A wasp in a wig is altogether beyond the appliances of art”. ~ John Tenniel

John Tenniel Quotes

“By means of tracing-paper, I transfer my design to the wood and draw on that”. ~ John Tenniel Quotes

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