Kangana Ranaut Claims Assaulted by CISF Officer at Chandigarh Airport

Kangana Ranaut Claims Assaulted by CISF Officer at Chandigarh Airport

On June 6, 2024, Bollywood actress and newly-elected BJP Member of Parliament (MP) from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi area, Kangana Ranaut, was in the middle of a controversial situation at the Chandigarh airport. 

According to Ranaut’s claim, she was allegedly slapped and verbally attacked by a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable named Kulwinder Kaur before boarding a Vistara flight UK707 to Delhi. The incident happened during the mandatory security check before Ranaut could go to her departure gate.  

Key-highlights:- Kangana Ranaut Claims Assaulted

  • Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman were in a relationship in 2009 during the filming of “Raaz: The Mystery Continues.” Their relationship ended badly. Adhyayan recently responded to Kangana’s controversial slap incident at the Chandigarh airport.
  • A relative defended CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur, stating the argument started over Kangana’s belongings on the conveyor belt during security check.  
  • A video surfaced showing someone from Kangana’s team allegedly hitting a woman standing behind her at the airport.
  • Kangana’s 2020 post misidentifying an elderly farmer protestor as Bilkis Bano from Shaheen Bagh protests, claiming the woman protested for money, resurfaced.
  • Kangana emphasized examining psychological tendencies linking minor assaults to serious crimes like rape and murder after her slap controversy.
  • Nakuul Mehta’s tweet about Kangana’s airport altercation received backlash, with mixed support and criticism.

Viral Video Increases Tensions

A viral video spreading on social media captured Kaur’s alleged statement, “Kangana said that farmers were protesting in Delhi because they were paid Rs 100 or Rs 200. At that time, my mother was one of the protesters.” This statement shows the underlying tension between Ranaut and those who supported the farmers’ movement, which appears to have been the reason for the alleged argument. The video quickly spread, with people online sharing and analyzing the contentious exchange.

CISF Took Action, Orders Investigation

Responding quickly to the high-profile incident, the CISF, the agency responsible for airport security, suspended Kaur from her duties and filed a First Information Report (FIR) against her. The FIR is an important step in starting a formal investigation into the alleged assault. 

Additionally, the CISF ordered an inquiry to conduct a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident and the actions of its personnel.

Counter-Accusation Adds More Fuel

As the controversy unfolded, another video surfaced, allegedly showing a man from Ranaut’s team slapping a female team member at the airport premises. This clip further inflamed the situation, igniting a heated online debate. People online expressed outrage over what they perceived as “selective outrage,” with many calling for an impartial investigation into the actions of both parties involved in the altercation.

Ranaut Expresses Concern over Extremism

In a statement addressing the escalating situation, Kangana Ranaut revealed that she had been receiving numerous calls from media outlets and well-wishers expressing concern over the incident. The actress further expressed her worry over the rising extremism in Punjab, the state neighboring Chandigarh, where the airport incident took place. Her comments added another layer of complexity to the already charged atmosphere surrounding the controversy.

Divided Reactions from Public Figures

The incident has drawn polarized reactions from various public figures. Kangana Ranaut harshly criticized supporters of the CISF constable involved, likening their stance to endorsing crimes such as rape and murder. Her strong words sparked further debate and outrage among those who disagreed with her stance. 

On the other hand, actor Adhyayan Suman, who had previously been in a relationship with Ranaut in 2009 during the filming of ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continues,’ and his father, Shekhar Suman, came out in support of Kangana Ranaut, publicly expressing their support for the actress.

Past Controversy Resurfaces

This incident has also brought renewed attention to Kangana Ranaut’s controversial post from 2020 during the farmers’ protests. In that post, she had mistakenly identified an elderly woman at the protest as Bilkis Bano, a prominent figure from the Shaheen Bagh protests. 

Ranaut had claimed that the woman was “available for Rs 100” to participate in protests, a statement that sparked widespread criticism and outrage at the time. The resurfacing of this past controversy has added fuel to the ongoing debates surrounding the airport incident.  

Conflicting Accounts Emerge

As the controversy continued to unfold, conflicting accounts emerged regarding the events leading up to the alleged altercation. A relative of CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur defended her actions, stating that the argument between Kangana Ranaut and Kulwinder Kaur started over keeping Kangana’s purse and phone on the conveyor belt during the security check. This version of events contradicted Ranaut’s claims, further muddying the waters surrounding the incident.

Unfolding Saga Keeps Nation Gripped

As the Kangana Ranaut slapping incident continues to unfold, it has stirred up a storm in the media and among the public. With authorities investigating the matter and public opinion divided, it remains to be seen what further developments will emerge from this high-profile controversy that has gripped the nation. Actor Nakuul Mehta faced backlash for his tweet about the altercation, stirring a mix of support and criticism from various quarters.  

The incident has sparked intense debates and discussions surrounding issues of celebrity conduct, security protocols, and the handling of sensitive situations. As new details emerge and different perspectives come to light, the nation remains captivated by this unfolding saga, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the official investigations and the resolution of this highly contentious matter.

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