Serum Institute Partners with IntegriMedicals to Advance Needle-Free Injection Technology

Serum Institute Partners with IntegriMedicals for Needle-Free Injections

Serum Institute of India (SII) has formed a strategic partnership with US-based IntegriMedicals to advance their needle-free injection system, N-FIS. This collaboration aims to transform global healthcare by enhancing patient comfort, reducing needle stick injuries, and improving the efficiency of liquid medication delivery. The N-FIS technology, which uses high-velocity jet streams for needleless injections, will soon be available in the Indian private market, offering significant benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals.


  • Partnership Announcement:SII announced their partnership with IntegriMedicals to globally transform healthcare using needle-free injection technology.
  • SII Acquires Stake: SII acquired a 20% stake in IntegriMedicals to support the development and distribution of N-FIS.
  • Technology Benefits: N-FIS promotes high-velocity jet streams to administer biologics and liquid medications without needles, reducing patient discomfort and needle stick injuries.
  • Market Availability: The N-FIS technology will be introduced in the Indian private market, aiming to prevent cross-contamination and needle reuse.
  • Regulatory Approvals: IntegriMedicals has obtained regulatory approvals from CDCSO, CE, MDSAP, and ISO 13485, ensuring the technology meets global standards.
  • Environmental Impact: Needle-free technology minimizes needle disposal issues, offering environmental benefits.
  • Patient Compliance: The new technology has the potential to increase patient compliance with dosage regimens and eliminate the risk of disease transmission due to needle reuse.

Embracing Innovative Technology for ‘Health for All’

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are constantly seeking innovative technologies that align with our mission of ‘Health for All.’ IntegriMedical’s N-FIS represents a remarkable advancement in drug delivery, and this strategic partnership could potentially revolutionize the way vaccines are administered, making the process more comfortable for both patients and healthcare professionals.”

SII Engages with US Company

On Friday, Serum Institute of India (SII) verbalized that the partnership with IntegriMedicals aims to ‘transform healthcare globally’ by providing comfort to patients, reducing needle stick injuries, and magnifying the effectiveness of liquid medication through needleless dilation.

SII Acquires 20% Stake in Needle-Free Injection Firm IntegriMedical

The US-based company IntegriMedical’s mission is to alleviate pain during administration through needleless dilation for needle-phobic patients. N-FIS will be available in the Indian private market, preventing cross-contamination and needle stick injuries.

Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Stream

IntegriMedical has built the US brand N-FIS, which promotes a high-velocity jet stream employing mechanical power to effectively and continuously administer biologics and liquid medication.

According to a press release, SII has been persistently looking for opportunities to engage with technology that aligns with their mission of ‘Health for All’. IntegriMedical depicts a remarkable advancement in drug delivery. Strategic partnerships could potentially revolutionize the way vaccines are administered, making the process more comfortable for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The US-based company has received regulatory approvals from CDCSO, CE, MDSAP, and ISO 13485 certification.

Benefits of N-FIS

Needle-free technology offers significant benefits, including minimizing patients’ fear (especially for needle-phobic patients), involving a much faster delivery compared to traditional needle injections. Needle disposal issues will be rare, which is beneficial to the environment. This technology has the potential to increase compliance with dosage regimes and eliminate the major challenge of disease transmission due to the reuse of needles.

Technological Marvels and Spiritual Truths: Finding Harmony

In an era where scientific advancements are revolutionizing healthcare, the partnership between the Serum Institute and IntegriMedicals to develop the needle-free N-FIS injection technology is a remarkable feat. This innovative system promises to alleviate patient discomfort and reduce environmental impact, marking a significant stride in medical progress.

However, amidst these technological marvels, the profound teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj remind us to strike a balance between embracing innovations and prioritizing our spiritual well-being. According to the revered spiritual master, those who diligently follow the path of righteousness and devote themselves to the worship of the Supreme God can transcend physical ailments and attain a heightened state of consciousness.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji’s wisdom underscores that true healing resides in the realm of the soul. By adhering to divine principles and immersing ourselves in sacred knowledge, we can minimize the need for medical interventions and experience a profound transformation that liberates us from the cycle of birth and death.

Yet, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji’s teachings are rooted in compassion, acknowledging that not all individuals may have attained the same level of spiritual enlightenment. For those still grappling with physical and mental afflictions, innovations like the N-FIS technology can provide solace and alleviate suffering, serving as a bridge towards holistic well-being.

As we welcome technological progress with open arms, let us remain grounded in the timeless wisdom imparted by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Their guidance illuminates the path towards attaining the ultimate goal of human existence – the realization of our true divine nature, a state of being where the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms dissolve.

In this harmonious balance, we can embrace scientific advancements while simultaneously nurturing our spiritual growth, fostering a world where technological marvels coexist with the profound truths that elevate our consciousness and bring us closer to the Divine.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

FAQs About N-FIS Overview

What is N-FIS?

N-FIS (Needle-Free Injection System) uses high pressure to deliver liquid medication, puncturing the superficial skin and transferring the medication beneath the skin without using a needle.

Which country is the first to approve needle-free injection?

China is the first country to approve needle-free injection, using it for administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

What is an injection without a needle called?

An injection without a needle is called a jet injector. It uses high pressure to penetrate the skin with liquid medication and delivers it underneath the skin.

Which company manufactures needle-free injections globally?

IntegriMedical, a US-based company, manufactures needle-free injections. Their technology uses high-velocity jet streams to puncture the skin and deliver medication beneath it.

What are examples of needle-free injections?

Examples of needle-free injections include spring-powered injectors, powder injectors, and jet injectors. These are used for vaccinations, insulin delivery, hormone administration, and other pharmaceutical applications.

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  1. I am so impressed with this idea, and the information is crystal clear. The doubts that arises in our mind are being ready to answer in the further explanation. Many people have the fear of injections even after many advances. And this implementation can be a big change and drastically the fear goes out of mind. Parents feel so happier to step in hospital with their children for the treatment with N-FIS ( Needle Free Injunction System ).

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