World Health Day 2023: Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Essay, Celebration

World Health Day 2022 [Hindi] Theme, Quotes, Essay, Celebration

Last Updated on 6 April 2023, 5:06 PM IST: Today we sharing information about world Health Day like: What is the theme for world health day 2023, why do we celebrate world health day? what are the inspirational quotes and slogan for world health day?

World Health Day 2023 Theme

We know that world health day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year whole over the world. Every year WHO (World Health Organization) recognized a dedicated theme for World health day. This year Theme for World Health day 2023 is Health for All to support the work of Doctors and nurses from the CoronaVirus COVID-19 outbreak.

List of World Health Day Themes year wise

  1. World Health Day Theme 1950: “Know your Health Services”
  2. World Health Day Theme 1951: “Health for your Child and World’s Children”
  3. World Health Day Theme 1952: “Healthy surroundings make Healthy people”
  4. World Health Day Theme 1960: “Malaria eradication – A world challenge”
  5. World Health Day Theme 1961: “Accidents and their prevention”
  6. World Health Day Theme 1965: “Smallpox – constant alert”
  7. World Health Day Theme 1987: “Immunization: A chance for every Child”
  8. World Health Day Theme 1995: “Global Polio Eradication”
  9. World Health Day Theme 2004: “Road safety”
  10. World Health Day Theme 2014: “Vector-borne diseases”
  11. World Health Day Theme 2015: “Food safety”
  12. World Health Day Theme 2016: “Diabetes Scale up prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance”
  13. World Health Day Theme 2017: “Depression: Let’s talk”
  14. World Health Day Theme 2018: “Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere”
  15. World Health Day Theme 2023: “Health for All

World Health Day Essay in English

World Health Organization celebrates World health day every year on 7th April worldwide to spread awareness on the benefits of being healthy. On this day numerous programs and arrangements are curated by the World Health Organisation around the world. World Health Day was the first time celebrated worldwide in 1950. On that time theme was: “Health is Wealth”.

We all know various types of diseases like Cancer, HIV Aids, Brain Tumor etc..prevail in the environment due to which people suffer. It is necessary to spread awareness and information among people and to impart knowledge about health.

World Health Day History

Every year, the World Health Organisation observes World Health Day on 7 April to share information about the importance of global health. According to history: The first World Health Day was formed in 1948 at Geneva by the World Health Organisation. On this day, various events with a particular theme are organized by WHO at the international and national levels.

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Why do we Celebrate World Heath Day?

We celebrated world health day every year to spreading information and awareness about health issues. The main aim of World Health Day is to targets all the issues related to health. Govt and People also celebrate this day at several places like schools, colleges, etc.

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  • World Health Day celebrated Globally by the government and non-government, NGO.
  • On this Day Health authorities from the different countries take pledges in order to support the health issues Globally.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) has worked on serious health issues like chickenpox, polio, smallpox, TB, in developing and non-developing countries.
  • On World Health Day, people around the World debate between individuals on health-related topics, like essay writing, various competitions and award ceremonies, etc.

World Health Day 2023: Slogan and Quotes

“Life without health is like a hell”~World Health Day Quotes

 “If health is lost, everything is lost”~World Health Day Quotes

World Health Day Slogan

Prevention is better than cure!

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well”.~World Health Day Slogan

World Health Day Slogan

“A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison”.~Health Day Quotes

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