MCA President Amol Kale Passes Away at 47

MCA President Amol Kale Passes Away at 47

Mumbai Cricket Association honorary President Amol Kale died at the age of 47 because of a cardiac arrest on Monday after watching the T20 World Cup 2024, India Pakistan Thriller on Sunday Live from the Stadium. The incident took place in New York, United States. Amol Kale was a key figure for the cricketing world and this incident shook them by surprise. Read the news to know details.

Amol Kale Passed Away Highlights

  • Amol Kale, BE Electrical Engineer from Nagpur was settled in Mumbai.
  • He was elected the President of Mumbai Cricket Association in October 2022.
  • He passed away in New York at the age of 47.
  • He went to New York to witness the T20 World Cup, India Pakistan Cricket Match at the Nassau County International Stadium, New York with other two office bearers of MCA.
  • He passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • He had immense contributions in his tenure for the Mumbai Cricket and Mumbai Cricket Association.
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Who was Amol Kale?

  • Amol Kale, who hailed from Nagpur, is a prominent figure in the state of Maharashtra especially Mumbai.
  • Amol Kale was the President of Mumbai Cricket Association from October 2022.
  • He was also founder and Chief Executive Officer of JK Solutions Private Limited and Arpita Enterprises.
  • He had also invested in other businesses as well.
  • He was also a close aide to Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Why did he go to New York?

  • Amol Kale has traveled to New York with other office bearers of Mumbai Cricket Association to witness the T20 World Cup 2024, India Pakistan Cricket Match at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York.
  • MCA Secretary Ajinkya Naik and Apex Council Member Suraj Samat were the two office bearers.

How did he die?

  • Amol Kale died because of a sudden cardiac arrest on Monday after watching the India Pakistan Cricket Match on Sunday live at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York.
  • MCA is still awaiting details from the office bearers who accompanied him in New York.
  • There are very few chances of recovering from a cardiac arrest. Most of the people die on the spot.

What were his contributions to MCA?

  • Being the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association for just less than two years, he had done fabulous work in his tenure.
  • He became the president after defeating Sandip Patil, former Indian and Mumbai cricketer in the elections in October 2022.
  • Kale increased the match fee for Mumbai Cricketers to match the amount as given by the BCCI. Kale received a lot of appreciation after taking this decision.
  • The statue of great cricketing legend, the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was inaugurated in his tenure.
  • Under his tenure, India hosted Cricket World Cup 2023 matches at Wankhede Stadium successfully. An India vs New Zealand test match was also hosted successfully at the stadium.

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