Happy Holi 2023 Festival Date: Images, Story, India | Holika Dahan

Happy Holi 2022 Festival Date Images, Story, India Holika Dahan

Last Updated on 6 March 2023, 1:25 PM IST: Happy Holi 2023 Festival: Today we going to sahre information about Holi. Happy Holi is one of the popular festival of India that celebrated around the Global. There is story behind the celebration of Holi Festival and Holika Dahan. In our methodology a much importance is given to devotion we get to see many examples of it devotee like Hanuman a devotee of Lord Rama mirror a devotee of Lord Krishna But one child devotees of Lord Vishnu in spite of belonging but none could match prahlad a 5 year old boy devotees of Lord Vishnu who faced the anger of his Mighty father hiranayakshipu Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu in spite of belonging to a Rakshas /Demon dynasty was considered Supreme devotee. For the sake of his faith in Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu Appeared himself his fourth Dynasty Nurshin for Prahlad

Demon King Hiranayakshipu always wanted to be worshipped as god Prahlad was the son of demon Hiranayakshipu. He used to hate all gods especially Lord Vishnu. Vishnu was due to the reason that Vishnu killed his brother Hiranyaksha.. The time that day Hiranyaksha the king of demons devtaad used to fear him and Hiranayakshipu. Especially

Happy Holi 2023 Festival: Hiranyaksha then challenged Lord Vishnu

Hiranyaksha tired to break Lord Vishnu’s meditation but he didn’t succeed. He then got an idea and fled towards the mother earth . He captured mother earth and fled back to heaven.. There he threw her in an ocean flowing there and waited for lord vishnu Earth soon the cries for the help reached Lord Vishnu and Lord vishnu open his eyes
Hiranyaksha considered this as his triumph and thought he has brken vishnu’s meditation unaware of what he was going to witness soon..

Hiranyaksha was surprised at this sight he was dumbfounded start raising his size the boar grew and grew
Then the boar jjmped in to the sea to save mother earth.. He lifted the earth on his horns and returned
Lord vishnu was happy to see that Hiranyaksha furious He challenged thr boar and so it came to be ..shiv avataar, pawan putra.Hanuman.

Story of Happy Holi 2023 Festival

They did not know how fast the time was flying put this worried Lord Brahma as he knew that as the darkness approaches Hiranyaksha power will grow manifold Unaware of this both continued to fight Anxious Brahma then went to Lord Vishnu and vishnu already why bharma ji came here And said that Don’t take I till take care of it Lord Vishnu then through his disc towards Hiranyaksha the disc destroyed Hiranyaksha’s weapons Hiranyaksha was totally taken aback by the attack before he could gather himself boar violently and that was final blow for him which resulted in his death.

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Hiranayakshipu came to know of his brother’s death and was filled with anger..and Said I vow to take revenge from you and none of your devotees will live in peace from now.. But Hiranayakshipu knew that it will not to be easy to defeat Lord Vishnu so he thought to defeat Vishnu I should have some special powers and so it came to be..They know that only one person can give it to me and that is Lord Bharma and He will pray hard and impress him Hiranayakshipu then went to Himalayas and started his tapaaya to please lord bharma days passed and he remained there in that position..

Lord indra soon came into the palace of Hiranayakshipu he was saw the Hiranayakshipu wife kayadhu

Hiranayakshipu’s pregnant wife kayadhu and was leaving with her when sage narada arrived there and said that Indra what injustice you are doing this to a women who is expecting a child ? It seems victory has gone you have to forgotten what is wrong and what is right ? What you are doing is a sin.


Indra said Joly narad , she is kayadhu wife of our enemy Hiranayakshipu and I want to kill our future enemy that is taking to shape in her womb.. I fear that this child will cause trouble and harm to us as his father used to do..I will take her prison and as soon as the child is born i will kill the child and send her back

Happy Holi 2023: But indra don’t know the truth

Narad said The son who is going to be born in going to be devotee of lord vishnu and you cannot kill him.. Narad’s words made indra wthink for a while He then freed kayadhu wife of Hiranayakshipu And kayadhu thanked narada for protecting her Narada then took her to his ashram and said This is my ashram and you can live here till Hiranayakshipu returns.

Kayadhu wife of Hiranayakshipu starting leaving there Narada daily used to preach her about the devotion one should have for supreme god Devotion, spiritualism and the divine forms of supreme power… through narada was giving knowledge to kayadhu but his main aim was to send this knowledge to the child who was in kayadhy’s womb…

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The time came when kayadhu gave birth to a boy and his name was kept prahlada Prahlada begin to grow and narad’s teaching were showing its results on him he was very gentle and noble child and this made narada very happy. And after some time lord bharma said to Hiranayakshipu open your eyes I am pleased with your devotion I haven’t seen anyone doing such a severe meditation. Please tell me your desires. Than Hiranayakshipu’s said that Lord J want you to give me some boons thst I seek..and Lord bharma ji said Hiranayakshipu you have undertaken such a hard meditation and I will surely grant you the boons you seek Go ahead and Ask whatever you want ?

Hiranayakshipu said Lord this is what I seek..give me the boon that I should not be killed by any creature created by you I should not die either in this house or outside it ..I should not to be killed by any weapon i should not die either on the land or in the sky O lord please grant me these boons.. Than lord bharma jj said You have worshipped hard for this so be it I grant you these boons.

Know about “Raam Rang Hori” on Happy Holi 2023

The True Spirit of Holi is brought to light in the striking Vaani of Garib Das Ji, a 17th century Saint who was taken to eternal place by Supreme God Kabir ji at the tender age of 10 yrs, and His path to Moksh got initiated after this incident. After returning from Amarlok, He recited the divine Vaani  by the grace of Supreme God Kabir ji. This Vaani is also understood as the holy Sukshm Veda or the 5th Veda.

In his holy words, Saint Garib Das Ji explains what TRUE Holi or everlasting happiness is. According to Him, the right way one should play Holi is by taking the Naam Diksha (Initiation) from a True Guru and douse the soul in colours of true worship of Parameshwar. These are the colours that never fade, will always retain their fervour and will ultimately help the soul reach a place which is Eternally coloured in Supreme’s colours, that is, will help the soul attain Salvation.

Here are a few lines from His vaani, which explain the kind of Holi that should be played:

Samrath ka sharna gaho rang hori ho| Kabhi na ho akaaj Ram rang Hori ho ||

Satnaam palde rang hori ho| Chaudah lok chadhaave Raam rang Hori ho ||

Atam aur Paramatma rang hori ho| Ek dehi mein do Raam rang Hori ho ||

Satguru mela karat hei rang hori ho| Chalo Agampur dhaam Raam rang Hori ho ||

Gareebdas JI Maharaj indicates that Supreme God Kabir Ji is the Samrath (Omnipotent), Aadi Raam or Satpurush, the Highest Holy Power that the soul should take refuge in. He will never let the pious soul that is in His refuge go astray or be harmed. The power of true Satnaam is also explained in the words of Garib Das Ji, that it can’t even be compared to even gaining the rule of all 14 lower Loks of Mrityu Lok.

Satguru Rampalji Maharaj is the only TRUE Guru, the only True Saint, who can help the soul reach the ultimate destination, Amarlok, where the one Supreme God, the omnipotent Kavirdev Ji resides. Thus, the True way of worship granted by a True Guru is the only way to attain Supreme happiness in Satlok or Amarlok or Agampur dham, which is Eternal and everlasting, and will end all the useless living-dying and karmic strife in 84 lakh yonis that the soul suffers right now here on prithvi lok (earth) .

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