World Coconut Day 2023: Which Country has the Best Coconuts?

World Coconut Day 2022 Which Country has the Best Coconuts

World Coconut Day 2023: World Coconut Day celebrates the uses of coconuts for our healthy life. In this news today, know what is the World Coconut Day, what is its history, date, importance, and World Coconut Day 2023 theme. Also, know which country has the best Coconuts, and read some special quotes for the day.

What is World Coconut Day?

World Coconut Day is a day selected to celebrate the coconut fruit across the globe. Coconut is very beneficial for one’s health. The day reminds us the importance of coconuts in our healthy lives. It helps in spreading awareness about the uses of coconuts worldwide.

World Coconut Day History

The first Coconut Day was observed in 2009. It was the foundation day of Asian and Pacific Coconut Culture/Community (APCC). Asia and Pacific region has the world’s largest production of coconuts. APCC works under UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) and has its headquarter in Indonesia.

World Coconut Day 2023 Date

The date of World Coconut Day is fixed. Every year World Coconut Day is celebrated on 2nd September all over the world.

World Coconut Day 2023 Theme

The themes for the World Coconut Day are decided by International Coconut Community. This year, the theme for the World Coconut Day 2023 is “Growing Coconut for a better future and life.

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World Coconut Day Quotes

  • There is one saying like coconut keeps illness away form our body, That is true.
  • Health is wealth! Lead a healthy life by having coconuts in your diet.
  • It is okay to have coconuts to make up a healthy diet, but a healthy diet is useless if you don’t Worship God.
  • Coconut saves many lives, it gives the vitamins we need in our body.

Importance of World Coconut Day

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World Coconut Day celebration signifies the importance of coconuts. Coconuts are full of nutritions and vitamins. They have antibacterial properties. Coconuts’ health benefits include healthy hair, healthy skin, and it is good for eyes as well. World Coconut Day makes the world remember these benefits.

Which country has the best coconut?

Asia and Pacific region has the largest production of coconuts. Indonesia, Philippines, and India are the major producers of the coconuts. So far, there is no clear answer to which country has the best coconuts, and it may be subject as well. But, many people prefer Indian coconuts more than the coconuts from the other countries.


World Coconut Day 2023 celebrates the coconut fruit worldwide. Coconuts have too many benefits. Asia and Pacific region produces majority of the production of coconuts. While, it is good to consume a healthy diet with coconuts, it is not of too much use if you don’t worship the Supreme God. God Kabir says that,

Khai khuraka pehar poshaka, yam ka bakra palta hai||

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Meaning: We are like the goats of the butcher Kaal here. He makes us eat good food and gives us good dresses to wear and, thus, nurtures us. But, when he has to eat us, he kills us. Just like a butcher kills his goats when he needs meat. The purport to say this is that worship the Supreme God Kabir along with having a healthy diet so that your health doesn’t interrupt your worship.

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