Buddha Purnima (Vesak Day) 2022: Family Life of Gautam Buddha

Buddha Purnima 2021 (Vesak Day) image festival of Buddhist

Buddha Purnima 2022Today we will read about what Buddha Purnima or Vesak Day is, when it is celebrated, and what the followers of Buddhism do on this day.

Buddha Purnima Festival of Buddhist

Buddha Purnima is the holy festival of “Buddhist”. This holy festival is the mark of the complete life cycle of and it is celebrated on the full moon day of April or May month of each year. Buddha Purnima is also known as “Vesak Day”. This year Buddha Purnima will be celebrated on 26th May 2022. On this occasion, followers of Gautam Buddha celebrate ‘Buddha Purnima’ fiesta with Holy water ceremony, religious discussions, hymns/chant reciting, group meditations and with the remembrance of Buddha’s spiritual teachings.

Buddha Purnima 2021 (Vesak Day) image festival of Buddhist
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Buddha Purnima 2022: Introduction of Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha was born on 8th April 563 BC in Lumbini, currently in Nepal. Gautam Buddha in childhood was known by the name of Siddhartha Gautama and also as Shakyamuni (being born in the Gautama family which is part of Shakyas clan). His father’s name was King Suddhodhana and his mother’s name was Queen Maya. It is believed that Buddha’s mother Queen Maya dreamt that a white elephant with six white tusks entered her body and ten months later Gautam Buddha was born.

Family Life of Gautam Buddha

At the time when Gautam Buddha had taken birth, his father had called eight brahmans to know his child’s future, then Brahmanas had predicted that your son will become a ‘great king’ if he remains inside the palace isolated from the outer world for his whole lifespan but if he goes outside the palace, he will become a great ‘Spiritual leader‘ and he will incline towards the asceticism. Suddhodhana was deduced worried about this prophecy on his child. Gautam Buddha was married at the age of 16 by his father with Yashodhara and they had a son named ‘Rahul’.

Story of Gautam Buddha

Spiritual Journey/ Attaining Enlightenment of Gautam Buddha:– Gautam Buddha’s spiritual life is also known as “enlightenment”. It began when Siddhartha had aspired to know about the outside world and one day he escaped from the palace with his charioteer ‘Channa’, where he saw four sights – an old man, a sick man, a dead body and a

When Prince Siddhartha came to know the actual reality of human life, he had left his family at the age of 29 and ran away from his palace at night and reached “Bodh Gaya” in India, where he had voluntarily started meditation (Hath Yoga) underneath a banyan tree (Ficus Religiosa or Bodhi Tree) without taking initiation/Naam from any “Sat-Guru”.

As a result of which his hands and feet stopped moving, his body became like a skeleton and he nearly approached death. At that time, he was made to eat Kheer (rice pudding) by an old woman which made him realize that one cannot do spiritual practice in a hungry state. Then he came up with the quote

“Starvation cannot lead to salvation

Gautam Buddha

This first meditation of prince Siddhartha is known from enlightenment or self-experience theory aroused from meditation and he became famous from the name of Lord Gautam Buddha.

Death of Gautam Buddha

It is believed that Gautam Buddha died at the age of 80 years around 483 BC at Kushinagar in India due to food poisoning. According to Buddhist people, buddha had attained the “Mahaparinirvan” i.e. end of this vicious circle of death and birth.

Buddha’s self-experience Theories

What authentic spiritual books say about Gautam Buddha’s self-experience theories: – None of the spiritual teachings or self-experience of Gautam Buddha are in accordance with the authentic spiritual books i.e. Vedas and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, even he was against the possession or veracity of Vedas and its practices. His practices were self-driven on his personal experiences and their followers would not get any materialistic and spiritual benefits of the practices prescribed by Mahatma Buddha due to which his followers started becoming atheists.

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Many countries like China, Russia, and Japan have turned into communists and are far away from the real way to attain peace and salvation in life. They believe that there is no God. The entire Universe gets created and destroyed on its own.

Buddhism Are Against the God’s Constitution

The beliefs and principals of Buddhism are against the God’s Constitution which is apparent from the following points: –

  • Meditation without eating (Hath Yoga) in the spiritual path: Personal experience from meditation without eating (Hath Yoga) is totally worthless on the path of spirituality because the path of salvation could not vary for person to person and it always remains the same for everyone.
  • As per Holy Gita Adhyay 3, Shlok 5 to 9, only a foolish person follows the path of Hath Yog and in Gita Adhyay 6 Shlok 16, both of those person’s sadhana is not successful, who eats a lot and who does not eat at all i.e. keeps fasts and also who do worship by sitting at one place i.e. hath yoga.
  • Result of arbitrary meditation: – Mahatma Buddha got experience from his arbitrary speculation and only gave the moral lesson to his followers but did not give any mantra. As per Holy Gita Adhyay 16 verse 23, any person who does arbitrarily spiritual practice, will not attain salvation nor get happiness.
  • Is God not in existence: – Mahatma Buddha from his ‘practice of nirvana’ misguided innocent people that God is not in existence and arbitrarily said that “Entire universe gets created and destroyed on its own” while AtharvaVed Kand No. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra No.7 made it clear that the name of that God, who had done all the creation is Kabir Sahib Rig Veda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18 says that the supreme God lives in an eternal place called Satlok.

Conclusion of Buddha Purnima

Mahatma Buddha started preaching without any guidance and only shared his experiences. Mahatma Buddha had changed the meaning of salvation i.e. liberation from samsara (endless cycle of rebirth). In this regard Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says-

There is no use of true worship if we are not liberated from the cycles of death and birth and tells that in Gita Adhyay 18 Shlok 62, Knowledge giver of holy Gita says that “Surrender exclusively unto him with your whole being, By his grace of supreme God, you will attain perfect peace and the eternal abode.”

Mahatma Buddha said that Sorrows and happiness are intrinsic and no one can evade them. In this regard “Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj” says that sorrow and happiness is the result of our karma but from true worship, Supreme God can delete/vanish our heinous sin and gives happiness in our lifetime and after death, we attain salvation “Yajurveda Adhyay 5 Mantra 32 describes Supreme God Kabir is the giver of Supreme peace and happiness.

He can destroy all the sins. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj also said Mahatma Buddha was not God because Mahatma Buddha himself said that he is just a spiritual guide, Not the salvation giver.

To get the detailed information please listen to Sant Rampal ji Maharaj’s spiritual discourses on Sadhna channel from 7:30 pm IST. You can download & read books like Gyan Ganga and Jeene Ki Rah written by Sant Rampal Ji to enlighten the soul. Nowadays one can easily download the books in pdf form and take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj by filling the online Naam Diksha form.

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